Support Solutions

The personal computer and wireless computing devices have become ubiquitous productivity tools for the enterprise and its user community. The inability to leverage these tools at any given time leads to a myriad of frustrations for the user, diminishes productivity within the enterprise, and can impair overall mission performance. Over the years, the challenge of supporting and maintaining these devices has become more complex with the introduction of new technologies and more integrated applications designed to deliver greater computing and communication capability.

Without adequate investment in proper tools, processes, training, and backing by a strong IT governance structure, the enterprise service desk can become a bottleneck to realizing the full productivity potential of the organization and its user community. Many of today's enterprise service desks are plagued by high turnover, a lack of broad training, poor process and tracking procedures, and insufficient tools.

If the Service Desk is perceived by users as ineffective or unresponsive, no one wins:
  • The user loses productivity by placing repeated calls to the Service Desk or other technical support groups, waiting for help, or worse, bringing in other users to help resolve the problem.
  • The Service Desk loses time on repetitive and routine requests by deflecting status requests, or trying to debug applications in which they are not well trained, and can earn a reputation as an inefficient organization.
  • Senior management, including the CIO, is inundated with complaints.
  • The enterprise experiences productivity declines, loss of revenue, and poor customer satisfaction.

Business Solution

BRG's Service Desk offering redefines traditional help desks to minimize support costs, ensure high levels of user satisfaction, and enhance organizational productivity.

Our Service Desk offering provides customers with:
  • Single Point of Accountability (SPOA) designed to eliminate multiple calls to the Service Desk. The Service Desk agent takes ownership for ensuring resolution of the reported service request or incident. If the agent can't answer the question or provide the solution immediately, the request or problem is escalated to the appropriate support team, while the receiving agent coordinates efforts until the ticket is closed - all the while keeping the user informed of the progress.
  • Self-help tools designed to enhance and expedite service delivery via multiple channels of support
  • Higher than industry average First Contact Resolution rates realized by utilizing best practice processes and tools.
  • Robust tracking, reporting, and trend analysis data to give senior management the insight needed to initiate proactive measures to re-capture organizational efficiency.

Key foundational elements of BRG's Service Desk Services

Our People: Skilled and Stable Workforce

Blue Rhino Group's Service Desk personnel have experience in supporting a wide range of operating systems, commercial off-the-shelf software, enterprise software, such as SAP or PeopleSoft, and custom applications. The Service Desk team currently supports hundreds of applications and continually upgrades staff knowledge of new applications, technology, and problem resolution skills by investing in ongoing training. Our commitment to training and employment advancement opportunities has produced one of the best retention rates in the industry. The ability to retain experienced, well-trained personnel, who are familiar with customer's systems, people and business, creates consistent, high-quality support.

Our Tools: Best-in-class Technology

Blue Rhino Group seeks to integrate Service Desk services into the overall infrastructure design and governance structure of the business enterprise. This integration extends problem resolution beyond just software issues to encompass business process, equipment, systems, and network elements. Blue Rhino Group has demonstrated a proven commitment to deploying next-generation applications and hardware for remote monitoring and employing proactive and preventive system management. Our use of advanced telephony, reporting systems, scripting and knowledge tools provide an industry-leading approach to resolving service requests and in incident and problem management.

Our Process: Defined and Refined for Continuous Improvement

Blue Rhino Group implements industry standard procedures for all aspects of Service Desk Service delivery to ensure consistent quality in handling service requests and in incident/problem resolution. Blue Rhino Group works with the client to establish service levels tailored to meet the customer's business requirements. Service requests, incidents, and problems are tracked and performance metrics are measured and reported against these Service Levels. Results are reviewed and corrective actions taken on an ongoing basis to achieve continuous service improvement.

Our Flexibility: Ability to Leverage Previous Technology Investments

Blue Rhino Group's Service Desk offering provides your enterprise with ultimate flexibility in terms of utilizing support tools. Whether integrating your enterprise-owned toolset and leveraging that investment locally or utilizing Blue Rhino Group's toolset and facilities, or a combination of both, Blue Rhino Group has the ability to integrate the toolsets while introducing our proven, industry-certified processes to deliver a robust enterprise service desk solution.