Hosting Solutions

Struggling with the expense, frustration and effort required to manage your IT infrastructure? Now there’s a better option. BRG's hosting packages provide improved performance, value, and support while also guaranteeing overall system security. Plus, our IT hosting services experts can implement this solution quickly and securely, without compromising your productivity.

Blue Rhino Group's data center is SAS 70 level II certified and is federally and locally listed as critical infrastructure. We feature redundant utility power from 2 different power grids, redundant MGE/APC Galaxy UPS Systems, redundant 1000kVA generators, redundant Liebert HVAC, and up to 1GBps fully redundant (4 independent connections) fibre connections. All Monitored 24/7/365 from one of the most advanced network operations centers in the region. This allows us to immediately respond to short term issues as well as grow our system optimally - keeping it broadband ready and economical at all times. For most small and medium-sized agencies, implementing and maintaining a business infrastructure is way too expensive. Just trying to set up and install the right IT systems in the beginning is difficult enough. Adding network components and dealing with necessary security issues on top of that takes even more staffing and expense.

BRG's hosting solutions provide:
  • Seamless connectivity – Easy access to all critical business applications.
  • Dedicated servers – Maintained and managed in our secure, accessible data center located in Tampa, Florida.
  • Technical support – Available 24/7 for customers using Mac and PC desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
  • Server support – Management and oversight of your hosted network, hardware, and servers.
  • Fixed monthly expenses – One monthly bill -- no surprises or additional fees.

And the work isn’t done there – with today’s rapidly-changing technology, small businesses must constantly prepare for software upgrades and new hardware. Most agencies just don’t have the resources and knowledge necessary to design and maintain the same kind of IT solution that BRG can offer, and it wouldn’t make sense to try. Instead, you can focus your energies and resources on meeting your objectives, and leave your IT infrastructure to us.

BRG offers our customers reliable hosting solutions and experienced IT support staff for one low fee, freeing you up to concentrate on your business without losing time and resources on your IT infrastructure.

Contact Blue Rhino Group today to learn how our IT hosting services can free you from the burdens of IT.