About the BRG GSA Contract

Under GSA's Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 Contract, all authorized government agencies and state and local government entities can purchase information technology services or products from Blue Rhino Group. Purchasing services through the GSA Schedule can save time and millions of dollars a year in procurement costs.

BRG's GSA IT Schedule GS-35F-0515X offers solutions for information technology requirements such as, engineering services, Information Technology support and other specific IT related services. BRG can provide a complete single-source solution through IT professional services labor categories (SIN 132-51).

Services include but are not limited to program management, ERP consultants, software engineers, data warehouse specialists, system analysts, CTI specialists, network engineers and help desk personnel.

Pricelist are also available on the GSA Advantage! system. Agencies can browse GSA Advantage! By accessing the Blue Rhino Group GSA Advantage Page.

With a GSA Schedule, the Government has already negotiated contract prices and terms and conditions, so the lead time required to obtain services and products is dramatically reduced.

BRG has accepted the GSA Contract MOD to allow State and Local Government entities* to utilize the GSA IT (Information Technology) Schedule 70 to procure the same products and services at rates and prices previously negotiated with the federal government.

For more information about eligible users, please see Who Can Use The GSA Schedule.

*State and local government entities means: the states of the U.S., counties, municipalities, cities, towns, townships, tribal governments, public authorities, school districts, colleges and other institutions of higher education, council of governments, regional or interstate government entities, or any agency or instrumentality of the preceding entities, including legislative and judicial departments.