Procurement? Simple!

At Blue Rhino Group we believe we should have to do the heavy lifting, not you. We know that as a procurement professional, you are constantly being pulled in all directions by your customers and vendors and that's just not right. As an SBA recognized small business we have formed strategic partnerships to gain access to over 60 federal and state/local contract vehicles, blanket purchase agreements, or GWAC's. We've done the hard work so you can get the services and solutions you want from Blue Rhino Group without having to go through the cumbersome and costly RFP, RFQ, or RFI process.

Blue Rhino Group has obtained multiple contract vehicles and made strategic partnership alliances in order to offer full source solutions to Federal, State and Local Government agencies. Whether your needs are for services, products or both, we can fulfill them through our GSA Schedule, GWAC alliances, BPA’s, U.S. Communities or Open Market as competitive rates.

For assistance in selecting the best contract to suit your needs, please call a Blue Rhino Group procurement specialist at (703) 574-5342 or toll free at (888) 881-4815

GSA Schedule 70

GSA Contract GS-35F-0515X

Gain access to our technical experts to address the needs of your IT community. State and local government agencies may access GSA's IT Schedule 70 through Cooperative Purchasing. Get the Details...

U.S. Communities

State and Local Buyers

Procure the services you need now, without the headaches of an RFP. Direct purchasing of products, services, and Firm Fixed Priced Solutions from the U.S Communities contract is fast and easy. Get the Details...

Additional Vehicles

Blue Rhino Group 's strategic partnerships ensures that goverment buyers have access to our services and solutions through a myriad of contract vehicles from Federal GWAC's to state and local and cooperative purchasing agreements. Please contact your Blue Rhino Group sales representative for more information on purchasing IT services and solutions through the contracts listed below.